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Save Money with Bundle and Institutional Subscriptions

Unlock significant savings and enhanced access to our premium content through our Bundle and Institutional Subscription plans. Whether you are part of a large organization, academic institution, or research facility, these subscription options offer an economical and efficient way to provide your team or members with comprehensive resources.

What Are Bundle and Institutional Subscriptions?

Bundle and Institutional Subscriptions are specially designed packages that allow multiple users within an organization to access our extensive collection of high-quality resources at a reduced rate.
These plans are perfect for:

  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Research centers and laboratories
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Corporate teams and departments

Bundle Subscription to Our Most Successful Courses

Unlock the full potential of your dermoscopy skills with our exclusive bundle subscription! We are excited to offer you the opportunity to subscribe to both of our highly acclaimed courses: the International Online Dermoscopy Course and the Microlearning Course.
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Transform Dermoscopy Training for Your Hospital or Practice Group

Unlock the full potential of your team’s dermoscopy skills with our Institutional Subscription. Designed specifically for hospitals, clinics, and practice groups, this subscription offers comprehensive access to our premier dermoscopy courses, ensuring that your entire team stays at the forefront of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.
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