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Video "Basal cell carcinoma"Ashfaq A. Marghoobbasal cell carcinoma, bccdisorganized pattern
Video "Cases"Ashfaq A. Marghoob2 step algorithm, cases, unknowns2 step algorithm
Video "Dermatofibroma"Ralph P. Braundermatofibroma, df, histiocytofibromaorganized (benign) pattern
Video "Dermoscopy criteria with histopathological correlation"Ralph P. Braundermatopathology, dermoscopyfoundation
Video "Difficult to diagnose melanomas"Ashfaq A. Marghoob2 step algorithm, Context, organized patterndifficult to diagnose melanomas
Video "Face"Ralph P. Braundermoscopy, face, lentigo maligna, special locationsspecial locations
Video "Intradermal nevi"Ashfaq A. Marghoobbenign nevi, dermal nevi, dermal nevus, dermoscopy, melanocytic nevus, neviorganized (benign) pattern
Video "Introduction to the new 2 step algorithm"Ashfaq A. Marghoob2 step algorithm, dermoscopyfoundation
Video "Melanoma"Ashfaq A. MarghoobMM, SMM, dermoscopy, malignant melanoma, melanomadisorganized pattern
Video "Mucosa"Ashfaq A. Marghoobdermoscopy, mucosaspecial locations
Video "Nail dermoscopy"Ralph P. Braundermoscopy, nail, onychoscopyspecial locations
Video "Nevus patterns"Ashfaq A. Marghoobdermoscopy, melanocytic nevus, nevi, nevusorganized (benign) pattern
Video "Other non melanocytic lesions (Angioma / Angiokeratoma, Sebaceous hyperplasia, Clear cell acanthoma, Poroma)"Ralph P. Braunangiokeratoma, angioma, clear cell acanthoma, non melanocytic lesions, poroma, sebaceous hyperplasiaorganized (benign) pattern
Video "Seborrheic keratoses (including solar lentigo, ink spot lentigo)"Ralph P. Braundermoscopy, ink spot lentigo, seb k, seborrheic keratoses, solar lentigoorganized (benign) pattern
Video "Squamous cell carcinoma"Ralph P. BraunBowens disease, SCC, SCC in situ, actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinomadisorganized pattern
Video "Volar lesions"Ashfaq A. Marghoobacral, dermoscopy, palms, soles, special locationsspecial locations