Participant journey

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Note: If participants want to remain anonymous, they need to create an account not stating their real names, e.g. by using "Anonymous user" instead of "First name / Last name" (see "potential participant requests an account" below). On the participant page "Anonymous" as first name and "User" as last name gets added (see "EDIT USER DATA" below). The respective certificates can only be issued manually, i.e. not automatically via this platform.

Standard procedure

  1. potential participant requests an account
  2. potential participant receives and email telling her/him to confirm their email address and to pay the registration fee
  3. potential participant confirms her/his email address
  4. potential participant pays the registration fee
  5. ACCEPT USER - USZ employee creates the account for the participant who has payed the fee
    It makes only sense to confirm accounts which have confirmed their email. These emails are marked with "(confirmed)" next to the right of the email address on the confirmation interface.
    If you still choose to confirm the account you need to note the email address and contact the respective person with a separate email and informing them about the password retrieval process.
  6. CHANGE USER GROUP - USZ employee adds the participant who has payed the fee to the user group of course participants
  7. EDIT USER DATA - USZ employee adds the following data to the user page of the participant:
    • first name
    • last name
    • academic grade (only if provided during registration - can also be added later for certificate generation by the user itself)
    • course
  8. participant gets an email that the account was created
  9. participant logs in and gets redirected to her/his user page
  10. participant clicks on "My courses and certificates"
  11. participant accesses the course page
  12. participant watches the videos and confirms to have watched them
  13. participant clicks on "My courses and certificates"
  14. participant accesses the certificate page and prints it locally