Table of Contents data explained


About the Table of Contents data page

The Table of Contents data page contains the data about the chapters comprising New chapters should only be added to this page via the respective template calls as described below on this page (example and the respective template parameters). Note that the numbering has to be adapted in case e.g. a new chapter gets inserted between existing chapters. After doing so it will take up to a day until the new numbering has propagated and is effective on

Edit the page to see the data. Note that saving the page takes about a minute or two. This is expected behavior so please be patient during the process of saving the page.

Structure for adding chapters


{{Table of Contents|ID=|key=|level=5|title=Melanoma in Special locations}}


  • ID holds the chapter ID
  • key holds the sortable chapter ID (left padded with zeros to two digits)
  • level holds the hierarchical level the chapter is located in
  • title holds the page title


A page title MUST NOT contain a comma and it MUST NOT be identical to the name of another page.


The data is stored invisibly on the page.

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