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DermLite® – The Original Polarized Dermatoscope, Handcrafted in California

Hand-built by our skilled technicians at our facilities in Southern California, DermLite devices created modern polarized pocket dermoscopy, today's gold standard in skin cancer screening. Our patented polarization technology allows for the clearest vision deep into the lesion, and our signature color spectrum has been curated to highlight lesion structures critical for early detection of skin cancers.

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DermLite DL4 & DermLite DL200 Dermatoscopes
Our most capable dermatoscope models DL4 and DL200 both offer unsurpassed versatility in an amazingly compact, beautiful design, integrating polarized and non-polarized modes as well as digital dermoscopy with virtually any smartphone or tablet, with or without direct skin contact. Plus, with a DermLite dermatoscope, you are free to use any third-party app of your choice for mole monitoring, lesion analysis or teledermoscopy. 
While DermLite DL4 offers precise focusing and a larger field of view with its 30 mm lens in an easy-to-disinfect all-aluminum design, the lightweight and ultra-compact DermLite DL200 allows for quick changes between contact & non-contact modalities in a beautifully ergonomic aesthetic that's available in a stylish silver or an elegant gold finish.

Lumio 2

Lumio 2 Portable Polarized & UV Exam Light
The next generation in general skin exam illumination, Lumio 2 combines the brightest-in-class polarized white light, three wavelengths in the UV spectrum, a special Wood mode, and special optical filters in a beautifully slim, quickly rechargeable device. Lumio 2 is the ultimate tool for screening and visualizing various skin conditions.


The Pocket-Size Kit that connects your DermLite to any Smartphone or Tablet
Just slide the magnetic adapter over your Android or iOS device's main camera and tighten. Works with all popular DermLite dermatoscopes.

Syris Head-Mounted Polarized Vision

Syris™ v900L Hands-Free Visualization System
The Syris™ v900L visualization system combines a proprietary superior white-light LED with two-way polarization to enhance your vision during dermal exams & procedures by removing surface glare from the patient’s skin promoting improved viewing of sub-surface features. Achieve more accurate treatments and optimal results in sclerotherapy, telangiectasia, or pigmentation.

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During the International Dermoscopy Course, enjoy exclusive access to incredibly attractive pricing on select DermLite and Syris products.

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